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Beautiful Disaster (The Bet, #1) - Francette Phal I am not a big fan of YA romances. Teenagers having sex and doing drugs just don't do it for me. Yet, somehow, while I was reading the book I totally forgot that it was about HS students. The characters just seemed so much older then their ages. Maybe it was because the main characters has already experience much more in their lives then most grown people ever do.

Elle, through her life away at 15 to follow her heart and run away with a man that got her hooked on drugs and then turned her into a prostitute to support their habit. Only after he severely beat her did she discover she was pregnant. That was when she ran away to live with her uncle Gabe and turn her life around so that she could make a home for her baby girl.

Nicky, the hottest, baddest boy in school, who's main entertainment in life was making bets on which girl he could sleep with next (with video tapped proof). Only once he won the bet he wasted no time in telling the poor girls to hit the door.

Then the bet was made that he couldn't get Ellie into bed. That's when everything changed, for them both. Nicky not only fell in love with Evie he fell in love with her three year old daughter, Sophie.

But as HS dramas go there were plenty of people that was not happy about the budding relationship and went to very long lengths to keep the two apart.

There was enough heartbreak, twists, turns, and plot twists towards the end of the book to drive the lovebirds apart and drive me crazy. Unfortunately it does end with a major cliff-hanger.

I loved Ellie, she was a very strong, sweet and loving mother. Nicky was one of those characters that I hated, then I love, then I hated him again, even though I didn't want to. Mostly I just felt sorry for him.

I'm looking forward to the next book, just because I think that after all that these two have been through they deserve a HEA. Plus, I gotta know what happens next!!