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Strings - Kendall Grey Actually this should be a "Never started" instead of a "did not finish" which has now turned into a "Will never read because the author is a total freaking bitch!" I strongly recommend that anyone that is considering reading and/or shelling out their $$$ on Ms. Grey's book first read the post made by Ms. Grey talking about her art, her trashy book & and the TSTL people that bought this book.

"Readers generally (don’t throw stones—I’m referring to the masses here, not individuals) don’t want art either. They want easily digestible, bite-sized nuggets of warm fuzzies. They want simplicity. Art is neither easily digestible (you sometimes have to chew on it for days to filter meaning from it) nor simple.

I made $10,000 in two weeks off my new erotica book STRINGS. Nearly three weeks later, I’m selling over 100 copies of the book a day. And this piece of trash never even cracked Amazon’s top 100. Imagine how much I’d have made if I’d busted open THAT list. My beautiful, artistic, deep JUST BREATHE urban fantasy series? Well, I’m still in the hole there if that tells you anything.

I spent exactly two months plotting, writing, editing, and publishing STRINGS. The JUST BREATHE Trilogy? Four YEARS. My total production cost for STRINGS was under $500. I’m embarrassed to reveal how much money I poured into producing the three JUST REATHE books.

How did I transform from nobody to Somebody? I sold out. And you can too! Or not.

I know it’s depressing to hear that in order to find success, you may have to compromise your principles. I’ve come to grips with the fact that in the current market, trashy smut sells, and urban fantasy does not. Tough shit for me. If you want to sell books, you have to feed the market what it craves.

You can be noble and stick to your guns and say, “Screw that! I’m gonna keep writing what’s in my heart no matter what!” Fine and groovy, as long as you accept that this guerilla mentality of badassery won’t pay your bills. More power to you for upholding your principles!

For us artists who want or need to make a living at writing, there is a silver lining. Once you’ve done your part to feed the reader machine, and you get paid ridiculous amounts of money for publicly shaming yourself and lowering your standards, you’ll be armed with the power to write what you want. Once you’ve built your readership, there’s a good chance many of your readers will follow you into your preferred, artsy-fartsy genre because they like you. Yes, you may have to compromise and write more sell-out books along the way to feed YOUR machine, but the beauty is that you can do BOTH and make it work."

Enough said. I'll let that speak for itself and you can make up your own mind on how you want to spend your money.

With that being said, I, for one, will be spending my money on Lauren Dane's books, just because I like the fact that she had the guts to speak up and weigh in on her opinion on Ms. Grey's tirade. http://www.laurendane.com/blog/2013/05/16/pulls-ranty-pants-up-in-which-lauren-dane-discusses-art-publishing-trash-and-writing-what-you-want/comment-page-1/#comments