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Fear of Falling - S.L. Jennings This.
All I needed was this.
Her warm, sweet breath fanned across my face as she sighed with anticipation. I could almost hear her heartbeat stutter over the music. Hooded, sultry eyelids blinked slowly, those emerald green retinas sparkling under the moonlight.
This moment was the only one that mattered. This woman in front of me was the only one that existed. I wanted to make Kami mine in every way, shape, and form. I wanted to claim every moan, every whimper, every shudder. But for right now. I would settle for this. I would savor this. I would put every ounce of the concentrated desire exploding in every synapse like fireworks on the 4th into this.
I couldn’t see anything beyond this. Beyond her. Beyond us.
I just had to make her feel this too.

Blaine.....sigh....my new book boyfriend.

Kami has lived through some of the worst abuse anyone could possibly endure. Her father beat, tortured, terrorized & sexually abused her. He would tie her up and leave her in a dark closet for hours. He would also beat and raper her mother in front of her. She has some deep scars both physically and mentally. Shes afraid of the dark, of closed doors and terrified of water. Shes damaged and "unloveable". She will never be "normal".

Then she meets Blaine. He has had his fair share of heartache and been accused of seeking out "damsels in distress" so he can rescue them and "save" them. But Kami is convinced that she can't be "fixed" because she's to broken.

I absolutely loved this book. I would give it more then five stars if I could.